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Winroc-SPI's business is one of North America's leading distributors of commercial and industrial insulation and specialty walls and ceiling products. It is the largest distributor of specialty construction products to the walls and ceilings industry of Canada. Through its operating divisions, Winroc and Specialty Products and Insulation (SPI), Winroc-SPI has over 100 branches across North America and almost 1500 employees.

At Winroc-SPI, we believe you can’t provide great customer service from head office 1,000 km or 600 miles away. It’s the people in the branches, working with customers, who need to be able to answer questions and make decisions in the customers’ best interests.

Today, each of Winroc-SPI’s branches operates essentially as its own business – because people who feel like business owners do a better job of looking after customers.
As Winroc-SPI has grown, we’ve made room for a new generation of entrepreneurial people. We need more decision makers and leaders to continue building on our success. Those people are committed to life long learning…a journey that begins here on Winroc-SPI’s Online University.

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